One of our absolute favourite tests, the GI-MAP stool test!! ⁠

This test provides an in-depth evaluation of your gut microbiota, including pathogens, H. pylori, normal flora, opportunistic, bacteria, fungi/yeast and parasites.⁠

It also evaluates markers of digestive function, absorption, GI inflammation, immune response and intestinal permeability. ⁠

The GI-MAP can give valuable insight into the contributing root causes of conditions such as autoimmunity, mood disorders, skin issues, gastrointestinal disorders, weight concerns and brain fog, even for patients who are not experiencing digestive symptoms! ⁠

Don’t forget your gut health is so central to the health of your entire body and imbalances in your gut can result in a range of symptoms including skin rashes, headaches, acne, hormonal imbalances, mood disorders, fatigue and allergies.⁠

If in doubt ‘TEST, UNDERSTAND, SOLVE’⁠ !

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