Natural Fertility

Your diet and lifestyle during conception and pregnancy has the ability to either benefit or possibly cause adverse effects to your growing baby. Learn more about our fully integrated pregnancy support & care program during this critical time of development to give your baby the best start in life.

The building blocks of your ‘child’s health’ start with pre-conception care, continue throughout pregnancy and breast feeding and on to when your child grows through the various stages of his or her life.

Your Conception with our Pre-conception Care Plan

  • Eating for Fertility
  • Key nutritional medicine for reproductive health
  • Vitamin D – essential in female fertility
  • The importance of pure sustainable Omega-3
  • How to improve your Iron status
  • Exercising regime for fertility
  • Lifestyle factors that affect fertility
  • Fertility charting and conception preparation
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Environmental factors and their influence on fertility
  • Awareness of the ‘hidden’ toxic compounds
  • Keeping a chemical free home

Pregnancy & Support Care Program

From beginning to end, our fully integrated support and care plan will give you the knowledge you need as you travel along the pathway of your pregnancy and beyond.

  • Optimising the health of you and your baby
  • Preconception Care critical nutritional building blocks
  • Creating a fertile home
  • Lifestyle factors that affect fertility
  • Healthy weight management
  • Eating for fertility
  • Exercise during pregnancy
  • Key health checks
  • Fertility for the over 35’s
  • Trimesters 1, 2 and 3; understanding developmental milestones
  • Coping with Morning Sickness
  • Common symptoms and complications in Trimester 3
  • Labour preparation and support
  • Post childbirth recovery
  • Breastfeeding
  • Managing Mastitis
  • Baby’s first foods

Our Natural Fertility program is designed to help you understand and manage the important stages from conception through to birth and into the postnatal period.

The postnatal period can be both joyous and difficult, a bit of a conundrum really!

In our fast living society mum’s are under more pressure than ever to bounce back on mental, physical and psychological levels.

With Centro’s fully integrated program we can help your recovery from childbirth; optimise the nutrition you are delivering to your baby and be able to best care for you and your newborn.

The best gift you can give yourself and your future children is the gift of health.

A Happy Outcome !

Baby Mikela came into our lives and we have been blessed ever since.

Thanks to the Susan and the team at Centro our preconception plan and protocols worked so well.

Regular check-ups kept us firmly on track all the way through to the “birthday”.

The way we were looked after, made to feel really special; the care could not have been more complete or personalised.

A wonderful experience and of course a fantastic result.

We are so, so happy !

Another Happy Outcome …

My husband and I always wanted to start a family at some stage. By the time we reached 30, we decided the timing was right for us to start trying for a baby. Since we were young, relatively fit and healthy we just thought it was a matter of time. We never realised how much time. In fact, it took us nine years until we held our beautiful baby boy in our arms.

For the first few years, we didn’t really think much of it. We had just moved to Melbourne and were enjoying living in a new city. We initially thought that we weren’t getting the timing right or we weren’t trying regularly enough. As time went by, we thought more investigation was needed as we should’ve fallen pregnant by now. We both had numerous fertility tests done only to discover that my husband had antibodies attached to his sperm which caused them to be slow swimmers. We put it down to an injury he sustained as a child. We both engaged the services of holistic doctors and naturopaths to help overcome the sperm antibodies issue and to maximise our fertility. Even though it helped with our overall health, it didn’t result in us achieving our family dream.

We then decided it was time to turn to IVF as I was not getting any younger. After seven failed cycles of IVF without one positive pregnancy test, we were at the point of giving up. The emotional rollercoaster had been very taxing on both of us. I was fast running out of hope.

Around this time, my Mum suggested I see her naturopath Susan at Centro Health. I thought I would give the chance of being a Mum one last try. Susan went though my history and previous medical files with a fine tooth comb. She also organised a complete blood workup on both Travis and I.

Lo and behold, after only being on Susan’s protocol for three months, I fell pregnant! Unfortunately, the pregnancy ended up being ectopic and I lost the baby and my right tube. I thought that was it for us. Our dreams of being parents was over. The following month my period was late so I thought I’d tease myself and take a pregnancy test. I never thought it would come back positive! Sadly, I miscarried at 7 weeks. I still decided not to give up. I followed Susan’s protocol to the letter and eventually fell pregnant again 7 months later. I was 38.

After 8 years of trying and numerous unsuccessful rounds of IVF, we fell pregnant naturally 3 times in an 11 month period under Susan’s care. We couldn’t believe it. Our third pregnancy was viable and we welcomed our beautiful baby boy, Arlo into the world on the 28th of August, 2017. It was a very long, tiring and emotional journey but we were blessed in the end. We will be forever grateful to Susan for assisting us in making our dream of becoming parents a reality. Thank you Susan.