About us at Centro Health

Established for over 20 years

Centro Health was first established in Wembley over 20 years ago.

We have been in our West Perth Clinic for over 12 years.

We look after Men, Women, Children and Gender Diverse people.

We have the skills

Nutrition, Naturopathy, Functional Medicine, Hypnosis, Psychology, Remedial Massage, Kinesiology, LGBTQIA+ Health, Work and Life Balance.

Laboratory Testing, First-class Technical Partners and support.

We have what it takes !

We aim for lasting results

A cornerstone of our approach is to always strive to achieve a long term solution –

Not just a quick fix.

Real people here to support you

Not some anonymous corporation. A real clinic, staffed by real people who share the same joys as well as the stresses and strains of life in WA as you do.

We know how it is round here.

Our Promise to you

Our goal is two-fold. We aim to ease your discomfort as much as possible whilst working with you to achieve a long-term lasting solution.

Not always the easiest of tasks but we are here for and you can be assured we will work diligently and logically to reach that stated goal.

We are conscious of budgets

Careful planning and the spreading of costs can make the money side of looking after your health more manageable.

We are conscious of costs and always try to set realistic and manageable regimes and protocols.

Nutrition, Naturopathy, Hormones, Functional Medicine, Diet, Testing, First class Technical Partners and support.

We have what it takes !,

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Alternatively for more information, call our dedicated help line 0414 400 562.

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