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Cheng Lye’s Passion

Cheng Lye is a qualified therapist (Diploma of Remedial Massage, AIF) with specialities in Myofascial Cupping and Release, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Swedish Relaxation Massage. Whilst with AIF, she also qualified in basic Nutrition. She has been practising in Perth for over a year, including volunteering at the cancer pain relief at Linear Clinic at Charles Gardener Hospital. She is an active qualified Member of Association of Massage Therapists.

On graduating, Cheng Lye was honoured to be awarded The Best Therapist in her graduation class.

Prior to completing her Diploma, Cheng Lye operated at senior executive levels of the hospitality industry, mainly in international hotel chains and resorts. She has intimate direct experience of the pressures of work / life balance and the increasing stress/anxiety regimes of modern life and multi-role existence of running a family and pursuing careers and holding down a job.

What can Remedial Massage do for you ?

If you are experiencing soft tissue trauma, strain and postural misalignments.

Having those pain nagging away in your body isn’t great, we are here to work with you putting you back in alignment for freedom, liberated from pain and the joy of living.

Or are you suffering from Lymphedema? dynamic edemas ? water retention?

Or have you undergone a medical or surgical procedure ?

As an accredited  Lymphoedema Practitioner, integrating Applied Manual Lymphatic Drainage Techniques we bring you the very best to bring relief and healing to your body.

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I am always happy to listen, help and make things happen.

Not only Treatment but Awareness of your body

As we provide you with relief, we’ll educate you on what you’ve been doing to your own body.

Understanding your own body will help you going forward.

We will give you some understanding of how awesome is your body design, with muscle, tendon, ligament, superficial fascia and deep tissue fascia interconnection,  supported by venus and lymphatic systems,

So not only will our treatment have you feeling better but by having an understanding of your body you will be able to better look after yourself.

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