Children’s Health

The building blocks of your children’s health start with pre-conception care, continue throughout pregnancy and breast feeding and on as your child grows through the various stages of his or her life.


Point 1

Children have an immature physiology and their nutritional requirements are different from those of adults. They are much more vulnerable to environmental toxicants.

Point 2

Brain development, gut function, and immune system balance are key areas that require attention as they grow. These areas are most commonly involved in chronic childhood illness, and it is critical to understand the interplay between these body systems.

Point 3

Understanding that some children are highly sensitive to additives and excipients, we only use the best quality supplements.

Point 4

Consideration for testing is paramount. Wherever possible, we use non-invasive testing techniques from saliva, stool, and urine. When a blood draw is required, we can provide recommendations for highly-skilled phlebotomists who will ensure the procedure is as simple and painless as possible.

Children have special health requirements.

Children have an immature physiology and their nutritional requirements are different from those of adults.

The three most important systems of the body to support whilst your child is growing are.

1. Neurological Function

Behavioural and cognitive difficulties can disrupt the learning ability of some children. It is critical that the developing brain receives the nutrition it needs and that neurotransmitter function is optimal to support:-

• Learning
• Memory
• Concentration
• Cognitive development
• Nervous system function
• Insomnia
• Stress and anxiety

2. Immunity

It is of utmost importance to support your child’s immune system as it develops. A healthy immune system may help to protect your child from common immunological conditions such as:-

• Eczema
• Upper respiratory complaints
• Allergy, hay fever, sinusitis
• Ear infections
• Coughs and colds

3. Gastrointestinal Health

Gastrointestinal function is fundamental to a child’s health and linked to immune regulation, neurological development and growth.

Some common gastrointestinal conditions which occur are:-

• Diarrhoea
• Constipation
• Poor digestive function
• Cramping and tummy aches
• Wind and gas
• Reflux

Children have unique health considerations.

Some children may present with one condition, but have dysfunction across multiple areas.

In a case by case assessment, the best plan for your child will be individually formulated to achieve their optimal health outcomes, allowing your child to thrive.

In complex cases, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, this may require a multi-layered approach.

Dysfunction that appears apparent in one body system, may be caused by imbalance in another. For example, the root cause of cognitive or behavioural issues may be an imbalance in gut bacteria!

The best start for your child

To give your child’s health the best start, all that is required is a day to day routine following this simple 1, 2, 3 regime and adopting a nutritional balanced diet

1. Daily children’s multi-vitamin – enhanced absorption of minerals and activated vitamins
2. High quality fish oils for enhancing neurological function and brain cognition
3. Healthy gut bacteria for continued support to the health of the gastrointestinal system

Specific products for children
At Centro Health we offer a range of ‘Practitioner Only’ quality products designed for children taking their specific needs into account as they develop. We take into account….

• Enhanced absorption of minerals and activated vitamins;
• Small serving sizes for small patients;
• For ‘Fussy Kids’ – don’t worry there are child friendly flavours for improved compliance.


Kits for Kids for you to have on hand

Apart from the daily care program above, our Naturopaths and Homoeopaths have put together a series of homoeopathic kits for home use.

1. Colds and sniffles kit
2. Wet, dry & barking cough kits
3. Teething kit
4. Colic kit
5. Bites and stings kit
6. Glue ear kit
7. Tummy ache kit

These kits range from $25 – $49. A great way to have something on hand for your Children’s Health.


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