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Hi, I’m Kim Calnan and I have a clinical psychology practice at Centro Health.

Practicing psychology for more than 30 years means I have gained lots of experience over that time. I have attended many of the American Psychological Society conferences in the USA with lectures and work-shops from world renowned psychologists and where I gained access to all the latest books, research and thinking.

I work with people in many different ways depending on their issues. I see a lot of people with depression, anxiety, family issues and panic attacks and I help them to free themselves of these conditions.

If someone decides to come and see me, my main focus is to start by establishing a safe, caring place where they can express how they feel and how they are coping with the issues they have brought in. Often these are ongoing issues with parents, or siblings, or spouses or children. Some patients come in with problems with work colleagues or with friends.

Some important psychology techniques that really help.

We gently explore issues, sometimes finding they relates to issues from childhood. For example in the work place they may feel left out. On further enquiry they were also left left out of the family when growing up. We gently expose these areas and look for the possible emotional pain and help them express that pain and get it out.

Asking people to do things for themselves at home is also an important psychology technique. This is both empowering for them in that they can make life changes and it helps them to keep motivated to continue therapy.

Sometime a physical element can help with the state of mind and emotion. I may suggest starting exercising such with as a 30 minute brisk walk of 120 steps per minute that will raise the metabolism for 12 hours.

Alternatively I may also suggest writing feelings down each day and create the opportunity to express those feelings particularly if they were restricted as a child.

For patients who are open to it, I can suggest Mindfulness/Meditation each day to help clear the mind and relax. I also work with dreams and, if the person is willing, suggest writing down any dreams; I will help to interpret them.

Therapy is a part of the journey of life.

We all, whether in therapy or not, learn and grow as the challenges of life come up. In my psychology sessions with people I try to help them to help themselves with the tools and skills they have in themselves. Life is a journey and I am their teacher for part of their journey – that’s how I see myself.

I work with people with relationship difficulties, family of origin issues, work problems, gender issues, and loss of family and friends to name a few.

If you have any issues with which you would like me to help, I work on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings.

Please contact Centro reception on 9228 0561 and I will call you back to find a time that works for both of us.

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