Men’s Health

Stay on top of your game.

Decrease Stress and Fatigue, Increase Energy – Boost your Stamina and  Libido.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle to improve your well being.

Look at the points below to get some basic idea of how to begin…

Make a start by adopting these points…

Point 1

  • Eat a balanced diet rich in antioxidants, minerals and essential fatty acids to provide all of the building blocks for healthy testosterone production.

Point 2

  • Maintain a healthy body composition, keeping body fat levels down to reduce the conversion of testosterone to oestrogen by aromatase.

Point 3

  • Tackle inflammation by addressing lifestyle factors such as sugar and alcohol consumption, further reducing aromatase activity.

Point 4

  • Learn to manage stress effectively, and ensure good quality sleep to regulate cortisol production, which is crucial for maintaining healthy testosterone levels as you age.

A large percentage of our health clientele that we see during the course of a week are, in fact – Men!

In the last 5 years, in particular, there has been a huge shift in Men looking after their health.

The pressures of climbing the corporate ladder, working in a competitive corporate market, long hours, little exercise, lunch on the run can take its toll on your health and wellbeing. This is a regular pattern which we see in our clinic people who are tired, over-worked, experience restless sleep, usually need that morning ‘heart start coffee’ to get going. Followed by the 3pm cup of coffee to struggle through the afternoon, only to be back in the office the following day to repeat this process all over again!

What we are describing and what we commonly see is the overuse of our ‘adrenal health’. Which depending on how long you have been under this kind of pressure may have an impact on your nervous system, adrenal health and your immunity. Longer term stress can manifest into anxiety, insomnia, low libido, mood swings and significantly affect the ageing process. This means more wrinkles for you guys too!

Advice and Tests

We offer Advice on…
• Weight Loss
• Improved Energy
• Healthy Skin
• Gut Health & Digestion
• Cardiovascular Health
• Blood Sugar Control
• Improved Mood
• Improved Wellbeing
• Adrenal Health
• Staying Healthy and Active
• Anti-ageing (cellular ageing)
We offer Testing for…
• Testosterone
• Male oestrogens
• Male androgens
• Prostate
• Adrenal health men DHEA
• Adrenal health men Cortisol
• Melatonin
• Cholesterol profile
• Fasting blood sugars
• Liver/kidney function test
• Vitamin D

Everyone has heard of Menopause but … the new word now is Manopause!

Everyone has heard of menopause, the stage of life whereby a women’s sex hormone levels begin to decline. The use of the term ‘manopause’ (or andropause) however is becoming increasingly common, used to describe the correlating condition in ageing males. Some cardinal symptoms of ‘manopause’ include:

  • A reduction of sexual thoughts or desire;
  • Trouble achieving or maintaining an erection;
  • Lower energy levels;
  • Mood changes;
  • Loss of muscle mass and bone density;
  • Reduction in cognitive function; and/or
  • Mood disturbances.

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