Naturopathic Medicine

How often do you bound out of bed with energy and enthusiasm that keeps you running all day? For most of us, the answer might be ‘not for a very long time’.

The challenges of modern life can be an obstacle to living with optimal health. Daily pressure from life, work and our environment can impact our vitality. Naturopathic Medicine can help you to rediscover your health potential, naturally.

Naturopathy includes the long traditions of Western Herbal Medicine, where plants have been used over the many centuries and throughout many cultures for their medicinal qualities. Many of the phytochemicals in plants are potent medicines, which have been widely researched for their health-giving properties. The art and science of Naturopathy also involves the skilled prescribing of these plant medicines along with the application of Lifestyle medicine and Nutrition.

History tells us that the very first practice of medicine was based on the concepts of vitalism and holism; where the use of food, movement, botanical and nutritional medicine, acupuncture and the laws of nature were used to heal. The Classical Greek Philosopher, Hippocrates born around 400 BC is known as the father of conventional and naturopathic medicine. He embraced these concepts in his style of medicine which is referred to as ‘the healing power of nature’. He believed the human body should be treated as whole not as a sum of its parts. Naturopathic medicine is based on this ancient philosophy and although today’s Naturopaths benefit from the use of modern scientific methods of functional pathology testing, clinical health analysis and treatment, there remains a deep-rooted connection to the healing power of nature.

Point 1

Causes and Conditions can interplay. At times, one cause can result in multiple conditions, or one condition can be generated by multiple causes

Point 2

We can perform specialised tests that are sent to laboratories in the United States. Combined with a thorough history, the test results  allow us to obtain accurate information about how your body is functioning.

Point 3

From these results, a personalised plan of care can be created in order to achieve optimal health and wellbeing

Point 4

Some aspects of your health plan will require a short-term commitment, while others will need to be included in your ongoing lifestyle.

Naturopathy A holistic approach to your health

Viewing your health through a holistic lens, your Naturopath will evaluate your personal medical and family history for genetic influences. They’ll take a case history involving a view over your sleep, stress, eating habits, mental health, toxicity, digestive health, hormonal influences, energy levels and cellular hydration. They’ll also investigate your condition in detail using functional pathology blood testing and other specialised non-invasive health tests to understand the underlying cause of your unique health situation.

With your detailed assessment complete, they’ll provide you with an individualised treatment program. We use effective professional nutraceuticals and herbal medicines to enhance the body’s natural healing response and to restore healthy function and vitality.

Naturopathic care is ideal for everyone from a few months of age into their senior years.

Your Naturopath can support you through acute and chronic conditions, providing solutions as well as proactive preventative advice for your future healthcare.

Naturopathic medicine offers scientific and clinical solutions.

Natural medications backed by clinical trials. At Centro we only use the highest quality of “Practitioner” based products in order to facilitate better health outcomes.

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