Nicole Rose

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Kinesiologist and
Sound Massage Therapist

My background

After leaving school I was employed in the construction and oil & gas industries for 15 years.

Working in this corporate environment gave me interpersonal skills which I am now utilising daily with my clients.

At the age of 30, I received a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis, a degenerative autoimmune disease, which flipped my life upside down. To this day I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience.

Around the time of receiving this diagnosis, I was fortunate to have discovered fasting and detoxification as a method of healing chronic disease.

I had also come to learn that healing our bodies requires a holistic approach, and that our bodies and our minds need support to heal from a chronic disease.

Since becoming a Kinesiologist I have completed my studies as an Integrated Iridologist with Toni Miller. I also have my certificate II in Sound Massage.

As an extension of my Adv. Diploma in Kinesiology, I have completed certificates I & IV of the LEAP program (Brain Integration) and I am continuing these studies at present.

My own healing path

My own healing path included regular Kinesiology sessions to help work through my emotional blockages and layers of stress. Kinesiology is the gateway I used to access my subconscious beliefs and patterns.

Over a 4-year period, I was having regular Kinesiology sessions, adopting lifestyle changes and extended fasting protocols and meditating daily to shift my body into a more peaceful state.

Through this modality, I was able to have these unconscious patterns bought into my conscious mind so that I could acknowledge them and let them go. Using these methods, I was able to completely heal and have remained symptom-free for 9 years.

After having my 3 children and healing my body, I chose to return to university to study Neuroscience part-time. During this same time, I was also studying for my Diploma in Kinesiology. This gave me a good balance between western and eastern medicine.

Some Passions of Mine

I am a mother of 3 children and understand the impact that motherhood has on women. One of my great passions is supporting mums through their parenting and day-to-day challenges.

Through Kinesiology I can help them to release imbalances in their mind, body and spirit, that may prevent them from feeling confident, calm and at peace within themselves and thus allowing them to live  a vibrant and joyful life.

Another great interest of mine is allergies. I personally have experienced severe seasonal and household allergies from early childhood, and I understand how debilitating allergies are to live with.

Kinesiology is a brilliant modality for supporting the immune and digestive systems to reduce the stress toward allergens. We can also balance the neural pathways that are impacted when the body’s nervous system is under stress from these reactions.

My other greatest joys

Outside of work, the activity that brings me the most joy is dancing. Ballroom dancing. I began dancing as a 6yo and even though I don’t always get the opportunity to dance, it will always be a great love of mine.

I also love the ocean. Just being near the ocean is therapeutic to me. If I ever need to feel grounded, I can be found at the beach enjoying the salt air and the sunshine.

I also like to incorporate meditation by the ocean. I have run meditation groups in the northwest on the beach.

Combining those negative ions with a still mind, in my experience, is hugely beneficial for our physiology.

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